Useful Stuff

Just so you know, all links will open in a new tab/window! I’ll keep this page up-to-date once I find new resources or the current ones change.

  • YouTube ( – You can find loads of comedy sketches, educational videos and short films in other languages. For French, I’d recommend: Cyprien for his short films, Norman Fait Des Vidéos for his comedy sketches, Squeezie for your daily gaming fix in French, and Natoo for her humour videos. Almost all of their videos from the past few years have been captioned in English, but occasionally you might come across one or two that haven’t made the round quite yet.
  • TuneIn Radio ( – This is great for talk shows, podcasts and news in your learning language. It’s also available on Google Play and the Apple App Store for free.
  • Spotify ( – Not only can you find music in other languages, but there are podcasts and even language lessons. (Try ‘One Minute Languages’ by Coffee Break Languages/Radio Lingua Network – these are mainly Germanic languages, but they have a longer series for Italian)
  • Word Reference ( – The only online dictionary I use. It has multiple ways to use words and even a verb-conjugation page for those pesky verb-endings.
  • Linguee ( – It works like Word Reference, but it also gives you alternative translations for various contexts, and can help translate a phrase too tricky to do word-for-word, such as ‘She’s totally out of your league’
  • ALT-codes for accents ( – If you’re using a Windows PC, this page is great for looking up the code to use on your number pad to generate an accent. (for Mac users, try this site)