The Into Page

Right now, this is what I’m into, what I’m digging, what I’m feelin’ at the moment.

And at the moment, it’s May 2019.



The Final Table // Presented by Andrew Knowlton // Available on Netflix

A Netflix original cooking show, which feels like a mix of all of them. Rather than sabotaging each other (I’m looking at you, Chopped), there are 12 teams of two professional chefs from around the world, each with their own styles of cooking and achievements. Each episode, they visit a new country and cook a national dish chosen by that country’s three spokespersons: one food critic and two celebrities.

Special // Created by Ryan O’Connell // Available on Netflix

“A young gay man with cerebral palsy branches out from his insular existence in hopes of finally going after the life he wants.”

Looking for witty comedy? Looking for an LGBT series that isn’t morbidly depressing? Looking for a feel-good series based on true events? Look no further than Netflix’s Special, based on real experiences of Ryan O’Connell, an actor and producer with CP.

RuPaul’s Drag Race // Available on Netflix

Season 11 is wild so far, with shock eliminations, sickening lip-syncs and juicy gossip galore. Get your fan ready, henty, because the reunion is going to be wild.


Seul Sur Mars // Andy Weir // Originally published in English

Okay so I know this one has technically already been on here, but I’ve been reading the French version of The Martian. I’ve read it so many times in English, so I know the plot inside out, upside down and under the kitchen table. Meaning I know what’s going on and can translate on my own.