BBC Flags recreation

Back in 1997, the BBC launched their 24-hour news channel BBC News 24. Initially, they branded each ident with flags as a countdown (this was replaced by the red and yellow colour scheme and famous 'beeps' in 1999). Between news programmes, there were news bulletin sections and 'slides' displaying the upcoming schedule accompanied by the … Continue reading BBC Flags recreation

Making a reappearance.

Well people, it's been a while. But this year I've made a resolution. And I aim to stick to it this time. After going stone cold dead for a while the Introvert Abroad is back home and has risen from the dead. So what's happened since that dreadful week of burning alive in my matchbox … Continue reading Making a reappearance.

One week left. But will I make it in one piece?

I know I'm being dramatic, but have you seen the forecast here for the upcoming week? Thursday 27th, sunny, 42°C, FEELS LIKE 44. The record high is 37.4°C, broken on the 27th of June 2011, but it's predicted to be broken again this week. Source: BBC Weather I, as a northern Brit, am terrified. I … Continue reading One week left. But will I make it in one piece?