Making a reappearance.

Well people, it’s been a while. But this year I’ve made a resolution. And I aim to stick to it this time. After going stone cold dead for a while the Introvert Abroad is back home and has risen from the dead.

So what’s happened since that dreadful week of burning alive in my matchbox of a bedroom? Well, quite a lot actually. I escaped from France with my academic future hanging by a thread after somehow failing an English grammar exam (yeah, I know). But we worked it out, we got ourselves a roll of new fabric and patched up the holes. It might not be the same piece of clothing than before but that’s what we call upcycling.

With my current situation being represented by a patchwork quilted shirt, things were a little bit different than before. I’m having to take a year out of uni but that’s okay. It’s giving me a lot of work experience and letting me discover that I really do hate people as much as I suspected (if you’re one of my good friends, you’re one of the lucky few). As a hotel receptionist, there are a lot of people. Some nice, some really not. But I occasionally get to show off my French skillz, so there’s that I suppose. And it’s nice to flex my BSL muscles every once in a while and keep that niche skill up to date.

As for outside of work, I’ve really got into baking now that I have an oven (as Cece Peniston famously sang, ‘Finally!’) and my work colleagues seem to appreciate it. Instagram has taken a back seat what with work taking up a majority of my time, but I’d like to get into it again. My camera really needs a good dusting anyway.

Being back in the UK is nice, but as my family slowly moves away to France it really makes me miss livivng in Clermont-Ferrand. Despite the constant strikes, and expensive food, and strikes, and deathly hot summers, and strikes…

Christmas was spent at work, as well as New Year, but I suprisingly wasn’t that bothered. It gave me something to do, and I wasn’t sat at home alone watching repeats of Mrs Brown’s Boys and stuffing my face with grated cheese and chocolate digestives (pretty much 80% of my diet at the moment). Plus I got double pay which is always a bonus.

As I sit and write this on my break at work wondering where my pizza has got to, I’m getting ready to fly back to France for a week to visit my family. I also wonder whether the UK has much left for me or if I’m going to move back to the land of bread and cheese. And wine. And snails. And strikes. Always strikes. It’s weird because by the end of my Erasmus experience, I was dying to come home to the UK but now all I want to do is rent a mid-sized appartment in Rennes and have a dog and be the perfect house-husband while my working woman self brings in the dough (yes for nontraditional gender roles!). I just… I want good cheese again. I miss my soft, nutty Saint-Nectaire melted over potatoes. I miss paying 30 cents for a baguette and it actually being nice. And god I miss not having to take a flight to go home and instead taking the train or coach.

Now that my pizza’s here and my mouth is probably burnt for life, I’m a little less hangry. Which is a little late since tonight looks like a dead one. Today wasn’t a total loss though, I got to speak French. With a French person (huzzah!). And be told my accent is really good, which they’re right about if I do say so myself.

And with that rare snippet of self confidence, it’s time to end this revival edition of An Introvert Abroad. I’m going to finish my plain cheese pizza just for me (thanks, Kevin) and get some work done. Or else I’m going to finish my pizza and reorganise envelopes or something mundane. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day whichever country or time zone you’re in, and a Happy New Year to all. À bientôt!