One week left. But will I make it in one piece?

I know I’m being dramatic, but have you seen the forecast here for the upcoming week? Thursday 27th, sunny, 42°C, FEELS LIKE 44. The record high is 37.4°C, broken on the 27th of June 2011, but it’s predicted to be broken again this week.

Source: BBC Weather

I, as a northern Brit, am terrified. I wasn’t made for this kind of weather My body’s used to a max of 29 and cloudy skies, occasional peeks of sunshine. If I step outside in this kind of environment, I’m going to cook from the outside in and burn to a crisp in the sun. Guess I’m going to have to bring out the gross-smelling, high-factor children’s sun cream if I want to step outside my building at all.

On the bright side, this might make doing my washing easier. I can just hang my towels from the windowsill and let the sun do the rest!

And I should probably enjoy any warm weather while I can, since this will be my last week in Clermont. Yes, my time abroad is coming to an end, and I can’t tell if I’m excited or sad to leave. Although since I’m the last to leave of my friend groups, it’s been pretty lonely these past weeks. To pass the time (and to be prepared), I’ve packed up a lot of my stuff in large shopping bags. Since I have my cleaning inspection (yep, a real thing here) before I actually leave the residence, I’ll need to pretty much empty my room as much as possible for the cleaner to check it, and then shove it all back in again. Fun.

At least I won’t be too bored this week, since I have resits to do as well as my work placement report. I’ve almost finished it, just need to talk about how it’s changed me as a worker and language learner and if it’s changed my career choices. Renovation work on a hostel when I’m going into teaching? Probably not.

It’s been a biatch getting information about resit dates, since they decided to send us an email with like 10 attachments of PDFs with possible dates. And not all of mine were on there, so I’ve had to email 3 different people about it and go into the office twice. But once they’re over with I can relax a bit. Well, more than I have already.

Once I’m done with those, I’ll be thinking about getting home, then to my other home in the UK. My parents are coming to pick me up with my stuff, but they’ve taken my other belongings up to York. Anything I go with now will either be squeezed into suitcases or sent later on. And by god I can’t wait to move into this student house! I mean, I can’t afford anything right now, but the first rent payment is all done so when I arrive I won’t need to worry about that ’til August. Once I’m out of this matchbox of a room, I’ll be happy. And once I get a job and start getting paid again I’ll be even happier.

There’s not much more to talk about today, so I’ll leave this post here. My post on Sunday will be my final one in Clermont, and I’ll talk about what happens to this blog then. But for now, I’m off for a cold shower, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day whichever country or timezone you live in. A bientôt!