High 20’s/Low 30’s

Hey guys, how are you all doing today? Sorry for not posting on Sunday, but it turns out that the place I’m staying at the moment doesn’t have any WiFi set up yet.

So right now, I’m round the corner in the only place in Brioude that seems to have an internet connection. It’s a little cafe called Le Clef, but the coffee ain’t that great. In fact, being such a small village, I won’t find any good coffee here at all!

Anyway, the reason I’m in Brioude is for a work placement, volunteering at a soon-to-be hostel. It’s for my workplace module for uni, so I’m trying to speak as much French as possible. So far, it’s been pretty easy going, with sanding of doors and window frames, cleaning of windows, potting plants and helping with the cooking. The couple I’m staying with, Laura and Zach, are great and are making me feel like part of the family. Which isn’t hard considering on Sunday Laura’s parents rocked up as well as some extended family, coming to check out the place and stay for lunch and dinner.

I arrived on Saturday morning, taking the train from Clermont, and was welcomed by Laura. I was still tired and sunburned from the day before (more on that later), but was eager to start work. When we got to the hostel, it was bigger than I expected. Turns out it used to be an apartment building with a doctor’s office on the ground floor and apparently an old schoolroom. Upstairs are where the apartments used to be, and you can distinguish each one by the fact the doorbells and name plates are still installed. Most of the rooms are set to be bedrooms, but there are common areas set up like a living room; this makes it feel more like an apartment. I wouldn’t mind living in one, they’re actually quite big!

On Sunday afternoon I had a look at an old radio Laura and Zach had bought from an elderly woman. Turns out, it’s from around 1957/58 and upon further inspection, works pretty well for it’s age. It can only pick up one station (sports unfortunately), and the record turntable kind of works. It turns, but I think the needlehead needs a new needle to read the record. Once that’s replaced, you could play more modern vinyls or stick with 1950’s music.

I said I’d talk about Friday, so here we go. Me, Sarah, Hollie and Cassidy hiked up the Puy de Dôme with the intention of paying to paraglide from the top. Well, it took us around 4 hours to reach the top, only to find out that to do paragliding, you need to do this silly, roundabout process of being added to a WhatsApp group and offered a date and time. So we didn’t paraglide in the end, which is a shame. But we did get rather sunburned and definitely worked our legs hard.

Anyway, I think I’ll leave this post here for today. I’ll try and post on Sunday but if the cafe’s shut it’ll probably be Tuesday again. I hope you have enjoy the rest of your day, whichever country or timezone you’re in. À bientôt!