A quick update.

Hey guys, how are you all doing today? I know I haven’t posted in a while, and I’ll cover that in today’s quick post!

So the main reason I haven’t posted much is because nothing much has happened. Apart from an Erasmus trip to the Vulcania museum just outside Clermont, it’s been week after week of lessons. And that just isn’t interesting content.

Because of the repetitive nature of this kind of content, I decided not to bore you all and wait until something more interesting happens. Well, it didn’t. So I’m giving y’all (someone remind me to never do that again) a quick catch up over coffee. Well, I’m drinking coffee, at my good old haunt Quetzal Coffee.

Over April and May, there’ve been a few strolls through Jardin Lecoq, unnecessary purchases made, enough coffee drunk to keep me awake all Summer long, a smattering of rain here and there, and errands run.

I finally found a volunteering position, starting this Saturday. I’ll be helping renovate a hostel in Brioude, it’s called Hostel Orfenor (not to be confused with a few in the Amsterdam area).

I’d also had issues sorting out my rent for next year’s student house, they’ve been dealt with. On the same topic of administration, now that it’s coming to the end of the year more paperwork has decided to rear it’s angry head. The departure certificate needs to be send to multiple people within the last 3 minutes of the crescent moon when Mars is in the same house as Jupiter. Well, not really but it can feel that way sometimes. Then there’s a special PDF document detailing my cleaning requirements that then has to be signed off by the cleaner’s sister’s pet rabbit’s cousin and given in at the last minute. I’ll also have documents to sort out for my work placement, but luckily they’re UK-made so there’s no shenanigans about sending it to distant relatives to get signed.

It’s also the time of the year I hate the most; saying goodbye to everyone. People are leaving earlier than I thought now that their exams are over and going back to their respective countries. As per usual, I’ll no doubt be the last to go. To make it easier to leave, I’ve already packed away non-essentials like decor items and souvenirs and my room is already looking sad and empty. On the bright side, there’s less dust to deal with!

Anyway, I think I’ll leave this post here for today. I’ll try and post on Sunday. In the meantime, do check out my photography blog, String! Don’t worry, I haven’t been cheating on you with another project, I made it to showcase the photos that didn’t make it to my Insta but that I still really love. Check it out here: string.photo.blog

I hope you have a wonderful day, whichever time-zone or continent you’re in. I’ll see you soon. A bientôt!