Arrivée d’avril

Hey guys, how are you all doing today? If you’re reading from the UK, it’s Mother’s Day. In the US Virgin Islands, it’s Transfer Day, and in many US states it’s César Chavez Day.

It’s finally the end of March, and it feels like both an eternity and no time at all since the beginning of the month. Maybe it’s because the weather’s been so nice and the days are getting longer! Last Sunday, I missed a post, but I’ll catch you up today!

So one of the main things I finally did recently was get my student card replaced! Yes, the same one I lost all the way back in October and never had replaced. I was sick of lugging a heavy bag of laundry to the laundrette a few streets away, and needing to get cash out to pay for it. Plus, I need my card for my final exams at the end of the year. Now I can stick some laundry on downstairs and come up to do the washing up or get some work done instead of sitting around in the laundrette for an hour. It’s also much cheaper, and I only need to keep enough on my card rather than amass a large collection of 1 and 2 cent coins that can’t be used anywhere.

With the cheaper laundry comes another revelation in the realm of money. I forgot all about my April student loan coming in, which will arrive near the end of the month. So come the end of the Erasmus experience in June, I’ll have enough to pay my first rent packet for my house in York and get me through the month until I’m back in Brittany. Once I’m fully in York I can start working again and earn back all the money I’ve spent since September. God I miss having a regular income!

I’m trying not to buy unnecessary stuff at this stage. Not only to save money, but because I’ve only got three months left, and more stuff to pack means more to sort out back home. So non-essential purchases need to be wise. For example, I recently bought two new French books – Métro 2033 and Seul Sur Mars. The latter I’ve already read in English, it’s The Martian by Andy Weir. I figured if I’ve already gone through the story a million times in English, I’ll be able to follow it in French pretty well. And so far I can understand it pretty well! The other one, Métro 2033 was originally written in Russian by Dmitry Glukhovsky, and it’s been adapted into a videogame.

Some other French media I’ve purchased has been two CDs by the French singer/songwriter Louane – I now have her début Chambre 12 and her recent self-titled album Louane (but the limited edition deluxe version). My French teacher told us listening to French music can help us practice the natural speaking patterns. Wow I’ve said the word ‘French’ a lot.

I’ve also recently done a proper sort out of my box room. So that I can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the lovely weather, I’ve packed away anything sitting on my shelves that’s just going to collect dust and not be of use. So pretty much any unnecessary items I originally packed for ‘décor’. At this stage it’s starting to feel like when I first moved in; clean surfaces, lots of light bouncing around the room, blank walls.

It’s weird, but I’m starting to feel nostalgic for the start of this experience. Now that things are like they were in September, I almost want to stay for another year knowing what I know now about France and the university. Ideally I’d love to go back and do it again but with a better knowledge of my situation and hopefully better budgeting skills. Ah well, hindsight’s a wonderful thing!

Speaking of, I wish I’d been a bit more organised at the start of the year in getting a job. Now it’s coming back to bite my bum because I only have three months left and finding a job in this time is not going to be easy. Not least because taking someone on for such a short amount of time is useless. But I have a plan. Well, my mum suggested it but it’s a plan nonetheless!

Tomorrow I’m going to go around to as many businesses as possible and ask if they’d be willing to take me on for two weeks of unpaid work so I can write a report on my experience of working in France as part of my degree. Hopefully something will come up!

I’m going to leave this post here for today, I have to go water my plants. Oh, and do my laundry… at the same time! I hope you enjoy the rest of your day, whichever continent and time zone you’re in! A bientôt!