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Hey guys (or in French, Hé les gars) how are you all doing today? I hope you’ve had a great past few weeks. You will have noticed the lack of posts, but I’ll catch you up today!

So I’ll start off with my last few days in York. On the Thursday, I was planning on meeting up with Niamh to catch up, but she had had a long day on Wednesday and was still tired, so we rearranged to meet on Friday. So instead, I met my soon-to-be housemates over coffee, and it turns out we’re all clean and tidy people that hate those that don’t clean up after themselves. So hopefully, the house will always be spick and span like Big Cook and Little Cook’s restaurant (If you don’t know who they are, I am very disappointed and suggest you Google them).

I then took a trip to Tesco to compare prices to France, and to pick up some British food you can’t get here; Cadburys chocolate, Walkers prawn cocktail crisps, crumpets, nice-tasting white sliced bread, and baked beans. Well, the last one you can find, but they’re extortionately priced.

On the Friday, I finally got to catch up with Niamh and get the latest tea, gossip and drama from work. Although it was only for a few hours, it was great to forget about all my problems in France and instead hear all about who’s left and if the building is stil standing (it wouldn’t surprise me if it had burned down to be honest). Then I was back home to repack my suitcase. I actually had to borrow a bigger case to fit everything in, since I was coming back with so much food. I was intending to meet my cousin’s baby before setting off to the station, but instead we did it on the way.

Luckily the journey back didn’t have any issues. On the train from York to London, I watched the first episode of Season 11 of Drag Race, plus the Untucked episode. When I got into London, I had to take the Tube from Kings Cross to Victoria Coach Station. Well, the Tube station was close to Victoria train station, and quite a distance from the coach station. My Maps app decided it didn’t want to display properly, so I had to somehow find my way there. Good thing there were a few hours between connections!

I was waiting for ages in the coach station, and of course they had neither WiFi or plug sockets for charging, and just as I was going mad from boredom my coach arrived. From London to Paris was uneventful apart from our coach driver potentially breaking the rules (when arriving in Paris, get bags out as quickly as possible so other drivers couldn’t see that nobody had put name tags on their luggage). I then had a good few hours to spare in Paris, most of which was spent getting food at good old McDonald’s and charging my phone at Montparnasse station with the pedal machine.

I finally arrived in Clermont-Ferrand at about half 7 that evening (getting off at the right stop this time), then grabbed some essentials at Carrefour. The evening was spent unpacking and stopping myself from eating all of my chocolate at once.

The next day was spent mostly at home tidying up and catching up on YouTube videos. On Monday, I had a nice lie in, then had my French lesson at 6. Tuesday was my laundry day once I had finished my Translation lesson, then I did a proper shop. That evening I made my tomato and pork rice dish for the week – I’ll actually be uploading the recipe soon!

Wednesday I woke up late again (I’m seeing a pattern here), then I had my German lesson at 5. Another evening of falling into a YouTube rabbit hole came about, going from Jeffree Star reviewing E.L.F makeup to The Sims let’s-plays, all the way to sub-Reddit channels about r/ProRevenge and r/EntitledParents.

Thursday was a little more productive, as I went back to Quetzal for coffee and to get some work done. They’re also advertising a job vacancy, so I’m going to apply and keep my fingers crossed! Just as a backup, I’m going to try Ikea again since I heard they’re quite good for ignoring general requirements.

I’ve also made a few changes to the blog this week! You’ve probably already noticed the change in font for both paragraphs and headings. If you scroll down to the bottom of each page, there’s now a section to subscribe to me via email and RSS (don’t worry, it’s totally free!). For non-English speakers, there’s now also a Google Translate button. While I can’t guarantee a perfect translation, hopefully you should be able to understand my content better!

Friday was International Women’s Day. I didn’t actually know about it until the tram I was on was held up by a feminist march, but I didn’t mind. In fact, after getting my hair cut and handing my CV into a coffee shop, I ended up joining the march for it’s last leg to Place de Jaude. I learned about the song that women’s rights activists sang in the 1910’s as they rallied for their right to vote. I was also informed of a student group that helps organise marches like this one, and they protest racism, climate change, and general inequality. I think I’ll be joining them soon enough!

I spent all day Saturday at home (no surprises there!) and had a good tidy up. I discovered that evening that the two Scooby Doo live action films had recently been added to Netflix, so I bought a pizza and had a film night. Earlier today I caught up on Casualty. For those who don’t know, Casualty is a long-running medical drama on the BBC, set in the Emergency Department of the fictional town, Holby City. Recently, there was a two-episode crossover of Casualty and Holby City (the other BBC medical drama set on the wards of Holby City Hospital), where the whole hospital and others in the area were hit by a computer virus, which appears to be based on the Wannacry virus that hit the NHS in 2017.

I’ll leave this post here so I can binge watch Casualty and realise how lucky I am to live in a town where a major incident doesn’t happen every day! I hope you enjoy the rest of your day, whichever continent and time zone you’re in! A bientôt!