Spring Has Sprung

Hey guys, how are you all doing today? I hope you’ve had a fantastic two weeks! I was so busy last week I didn’t have time to post, but don’t worry, I’ll be covering it this week.

Here in the lovely town of Clermont-Ferrand, it looks like Spring has sprung in and should stick around! We’ve had lots of sun lately, and temperatures reaching 18/19°C (64/66°F), so finally we can ditch the thick jackets and layers of jumpers. At least for now. Knowing how weather can change dramatically from day to day, I’ve been taking advantage of the sun and spending plenty of time outdoors. I don’t know about you, but I feel a lot happier and more energetic when it’s sunny and bright.

The weather has also lit up what is already a beautiful town, so Jardin Lecoq’s flower displays look lovely and vibrant, and its brought more people outside in Place de Jaude. When nobody was out during the Winter, you began to doubt the population figures, but now they make more sense.

Because I’m taking less modules this semester, and those that I have are later in the day, I get to spend as much time outside as I want. I love walking outside, feeling the warm sunlight hit me, and taking a stroll to a coffee shop to grab some caffeine and knuckle down to do some work.

Speaking of, my workload is just right at the moment. I’m not overwhelmed with paper (yet), but I have enough that I’m not bored during the day and have something to do. I’ve had some translation tasks to do, and a reading comprehension task for German. Not doing it for a while really shows how often you need to be practising a language to learn it!

Unfortunately, I found out that my German class on a Wednesday clashes with my French evening class. Everyone signing up for evening classes was told that lessons were Monday and Thursday or Monday and Wednesday, so you’d assume you could pick. Apparently not, since my teacher said he wouldn’t be coming in on Thursdays. This isn’t the first instance of poor planning in this department. On the day we thought evening classes started, Monday 11th, we asked someone where the classes were held. Only to be told (and I wish I was joking) “Oh, in 5 minutes, you’ll receive an email telling you classes actually start next week”. The class starts at 6pm. We were told this at about 5:55pm. I have no words.

Moving onto something much better organised, last Saturday 16th, we went to a rugby match at the stadium, and watched ASM play against Bordeaux. This was my first live rugby game that I’d been to, so I was lost through some parts of the game. However, I was getting really into it, cheering with the crowd when ASM scored and shouting down the pitch when they were getting close to a try. Never in a million years would I have thought I’d be so invested in a sports match and be supporting a team. Looks like I’m part of the Yellow Army!

This week, it’s a school holiday so I don’t have any lessons. So, I’m actually going back to York for a few days! I haven’t been in the UK since June last year, and I’m very excited to go back. In order for me to bring back plenty of British food (mostly chocolate) I’ve been saving LOTS of money this week by only eating food I have in my cupboard, so basically cereal and canned food. As well as becoming a tourist in my home town, I’ll be catching up with a lot of people, especially my fellow blogger and work bestie Niamh (check out her blog here). I’ll try to post as much as I can while I’m in York and take plenty of photos so you can see just how beautiful it is!

I’ll be travelling all day Monday getting to York, then returning here, the evening of Friday and probably all day Saturday, but it will all be worth it! Somehow I managed to find cheap coach tickets up to Paris and London, then reasonably priced trains from London to York. Considering how expensive international travel can be, ~£160 for return travel is laughably cheap.

Anyway, I’ll leave this post here so I can go and pack for tomorrow. After all, it’s a very early start! I hope you enjoy the rest of your day, whichever continent and time zone you’re in! A bientôt!

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